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Has your family experienced the effects of abuse and neglect? Do you know of survivors who are traveling the path toward thriving? Over the next several weeks and months, this website will help you learn about the topic.  Witness to Violence:  A Hatfield Family Story is a memoir that chronicles, through the eyes of a little girl,  the consequences of child abuse and domestic violence. The Author is seeking speaking opportunities on suicide prevention, resiliency, kindness and faith.  Appropriate audiences include early-emanicpated youth, youth living in a home that includes child abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse disorder and other potential traumas.  Profesional Helpers, such as  clergy, school counselors, teachers, social workers, school resource officers, etc., would hear about the power they have in their daily lives to change the course of a child or teen’s life. For a conversation about these possibilities, please email Dianna@Hatfieldbooks.com .

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  1. Jeff Hedding

    Being a kind person is inherent in so many of us. Recognizing that good people are everywhere and that they sometimes get knocked down by life circumstances is an important characteristic to hold. While I have never expected anything in return for helping others, that is exactly what happens. The feeling and personal satisfaction of giving of oneself to those that are in need at any given point in time is priceless. If each of us did one random act of kindness a week the world would be a significantly better place. Imagine if we did one random act of kindness a day. That is my objective and has been for many years. And the rewards have changed my life in ways I could never have imagined for the better.


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